Scandinavian Style Interior. 3D сцена


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Scandinavian Style Interior. 3D сцена
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Спойлер Что входит в сцену:
Full hyper-realistic 3ds Max/V-Ray interior scene, ready to render.

- Highly detailed modeling of Scandinavian-style interior, including true-to-life hand-modeled vintage parquet floor, custom-textured walls, realistic weathered glass...

- High-quality lighting set-up with dome light and interior balancing light (softbox), producing well-lit interiors with no burnouts.

- Optimized for high-quality (brute force) renders in shorter possible time.

- Photorealistic multi-layered materials on many objects.

- All furniture and objects included.

- 541MB of high-res, custom textures, including custom HDRI

- Geometry exterior background for maximum realism at all camera angles.

- 8 cameras set up with correct DOF and exposure values. Cameras are locked to prevent accidentally moving them.

- Complex hair&fur system with V-Ray Hair Material.

- Includes many objects available separately. For example:
- Chester One Sofa (673686) worth $59
- Eames DSW side chair (662092) worth $39
- Photographic lights (831456) worth $39
- Photorealistic Facade (589760) worth $45
- Photorealistic Facade2 (589757) worth $45

- Includes many exclusive models. For example:
- Full kitchen
- Industrial dining and coffee table
- Vintage wood stool
- Vintage oriental pouf
- Vintage sideboard
- Three copper oriental trays
- Wood tray stand
- Oriental lantern
- Caravaggio pendant lamp
- 20 different B&W cement tiles.
- Many accessories (plates, cutting boards, pepper mill, water bottle, cooking pan, bowls, mug, vases, candles, book, newspaper, decorative objects...)

- All renders except the signature image are raw, unprocessed renders as they will appear right out of V-Ray.

NOTE: This is a heavy, complex scene and render times may be slow. Make sure your system is able to handle and render such a scene. The images shown here were rendered at 2K on a 32-bit 16-core workstation in 3 to 6 hours each.

версия 3ds Max 2011 под V-Ray 3 (под остальные версии тоже работает,проверено)
Автор - BBB3viz ( Bertrand Benoit ) Курс на руках
3D сцена