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Описание курсаLearn how to draw realistic birds with convincing form and vivid color alongside professional artist George Boorujy. Start with tips for transforming reference photos into compelling compositions. Next, George will cover bird anatomy basics to help you create a line drawing with realistic proportions and features. You'll even build a simple 3-D model that makes it easy to understand foreshortening and draw the play of light on your bird's body and feathers. Then, create the perfect mixture of ink and water, and use it to render light and shadow for an image with dramatic dimension. Plus, bring your bird to life in vibrant hues with techniques for mixing and layering colored inks.

Lesson plan

Lesson 1. References & Thumbnails

Lesson 2. Essential Bird Anatomy

Lesson 3. Composition & Modeling

Lesson 4. Proportions & Feathers

Lesson 5. Refine the Graphite Drawing

Lesson 6. Monochromatic Ink Wash

Lesson 7. Color & Details

Capture the breathtaking beauty of birds in graphite and ink. Achieve accurate proportions, realistic features, colorful ink washes and more.