[cmivfx] 3ds max 2D Character Rigging and Animation


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[cmivfx] 3ds max 2D Character Rigging and Animation
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описание на английскомcmiVFX has released a brand new video that guides you through a different approach to 2D flat animation developed within 3D Studio Max. This course is tailored for small to medium-sized studios and motion graphics designers who want to boost their 2D character animation style and use all the power and tools provided by a solid animation software like 3D studio max. The approach offered here will teach you the basic skills necessary to develop your own character based on your creativity and on your client's requirements. We'll bring it to life and motion by using an easy yet powerful workflow that has been should be "widely tested in production timelines. Once you've practiced these concepts, you'll be able to develop and set up your own character in a work day so that you can compose your scene and tell your story as you imagined it. This video will put you on the right path for your next corporate video or motion graphics advertisement. The whole course is based on a hypothetical project commissioned by a client. The character was designed in Photoshop from the starting concept, broken down into rasterized parts, flat-modeled, rigged, animated, and rendered out in 3ds Max. The result is a simple, yet colorful and cartoony 2D animation. The final rendered animation has been composed and finalized as it would be presented to the final client.

Цена: 60$ (2420 р.)

Старенький урок от cmivfx, в котором научат риггить и анимировать плоских персонажей.
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